I Need a Water Well – Where do I Start?

Dreaming of country living?

Looking at Land to buy?

Just bought your dream property?

Give us a call for a free estimate when you are looking at buying land.

We can give you a customized estimate for the specific property and location!

Loman Drilling has been drilling water wells in Central Oklahoma for 3 generations. We have been based in Shawnee, Oklahoma since 1970. We can help!

Call your local water well driller for the inside scoop on how deep you’re going to need to drill, and gain insight from the experts before you drill. We can help you choose the right property for you and your family. We can provide a free, customized estimate for drilling your well, installing your pump system, putting up a well house, running water lines, installing hydrants, solar pump system, hand pump systems…and more!

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